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Silver Knight
Silver Knight
I don't know you from Adam
Yet I long to be your Eve
For her temptation was the apple
But for me you're the whole tree
Your words are like knives
From your silver tongue
Defenceless, they impale me
I am no longer strong
To close my eyes to your face
Would be to shield me from sin
For even a glimpse of your form
And my heart you would win
What's worse is that I know
Despite being neither pauper nor princess
That you believe that I'm worth saving
Like some damsel in distress
Yet in your defence, I would be a blind spot
In your armour, I would be a chink
And If I were to be the cause of your dishonour
I would not sleep a wink
So drink from your cup while it is full
And do not let it sour
Why prick yourself upon a thorn
When you already hold a flower?
Journey on your burdened quest
And stray not from the light
For I'll be searching the horizon
To find my own silver lining, find my own silver knight.
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 1 2
Who needs Valetines Day?
Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
The Love for my Friends,
Is Pure and True.
When Skies are Dark,
And Clouds are Grey,
You are the One,
Who Saves my Day.
I Don't Need a Lover,
And My Heart Doesn't Bleed,
Because The Love of my Friends,
Is ALL that I Need!
Happy Valentines Day for all the lonely Souls In This world
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 1 4
No Good...
No Good…
What good is a fight without a cause?
What good is an audience without applause?
What good is a lesson if it isn't learned?
What good is something borrowed if it isn't returned?
What good is an answer without a question?
What good is the truth without confession?
What good is a goal if it can't be achieved?
What good is a lie if it isn't believed?
What good is a team if you don't have its support?
What good is advice if it isn't sought?
What good is inspiration without a muse?
What good is a choice if you can't choose?
What good is a compliment if it falls on death ears?
What good are memories if they reduce you to tears?
What good is living if you only exist?
What good is being around if you won't be missed?
What good is a step forward if you take two steps back?
What good is wanting something that you don't lack?
What good is knowledge if it isn't applied?
What good is recognition if you don't take pride?
What good is a house if it isn't a home?
What good is a double be
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 1 8
Mature content
Furry Fantasies :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 15 26
Message in a bottle
To the person I love more than anything...
Once upon a time,
Back when I was blind,
You sent me a rose,
And a card full of love in mind.
Now a year down the line,
You have opened my eyes,
To the love that we shared,
To the moon and the skies.
I was the luckiest girl in the world,
But I didnt quite know how to say,
So I sent you this message,
In a bottle of rosé.
The chocolates inside,
Are because you are so sweet,
The silly smiley face,
Well, that was just a treat.
The rose as a reminder,
Of our past and what now shall never be,
And this message filled with love,
That lies on the imitation sea.
You defy all my logic,
Well, all the logic that I possess,
You never ceased to amaze me,
With your love and tenderness.
I loved it when you make me laugh,
When we nuzzled and cuddled together,
You made me feel so special,
Only now its not forever.
I cherished every moment,
That I was by your side,
And now I am not with you,
My tears come like the tide.
I love you
Whole heartedly and uncondi
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 3 11
Santa's Christmas Binge
Santa’s Christmas binge
Have you ever wondered
while you are all tucked up in bed
what Santa actually gets up to
when he’s flying overhead?
He visits all the children
from countries great and small
he leaves them presents under the tree
and spreads Christmas joy to one and all.
And in return we leave him
a little gift for his trip in the skies
we leave him brandy, milk and cookies,
and most of all mince pies.
But have you ever wondered
whether our customs hold true?
Do all the countries in the world
leave brandy and mince pies too?
Suppose that every country
leaves their own little surprise
So here’s a list of what we think
Each country might leave behind.
His first stop is America
and to grease his palms
they leave him a box of Oreos
and a bowl of lucky charms.
Next he flies on to Africa
Where in order to keep him keen
They leave him lots of rice
And a large handful of beans.
Then he goes to Australia
For some kangaroo and Budweiser
Let’s only hope that in the skie
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 3 27
Sex in a Raincoat by sammy-spaniard Sex in a Raincoat :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 0 26
wish upon a star....
                                                A lonely star in the sky,
                               Burning brightly with no one to share its glow.
                                                   So much potential,
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 1 4
Jack Sparrow by sammy-spaniard Jack Sparrow :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 0 6 aloha by sammy-spaniard aloha :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 0 5 cristiano ronaldo: 51 SPORT by sammy-spaniard cristiano ronaldo: 51 SPORT :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 1 2
The Script: Chapter One
The Script
By Samantha Porter
Chapter one
I thought I was going to die. The water was so cold it felt like a thousand needles torturing every inch of my body as the current plunged me into the gloomy depths below. Panic stricken and surrounded by darkness, I attempted to reach the surface. My eyes stung, my limbs felt numb and my mind reeled as the deafening sound of crashing waves pounded against my ears. I tried to scream, but my cries were met by a wave of icy water, drowning any hope I had of escaping from this underwater prison. Muffled voices floated above me, calling out as someone thrashed around in the water, their frantic fingers searching desperately for survivors. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I just wanted to get out. Then everything went black.
Strange figures swam into focus and my heart beat steadied as the familiar feeling of guilt took hold. I was back in my flat, on the couch with not so much as a drop of water in site. Spielberg, my faithful cat, s
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 3 16
stroke of sadness by sammy-spaniard stroke of sadness :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 8 13 smiling on the inside by sammy-spaniard smiling on the inside :iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 2 3
Intro: BlondeandGinger sketch
Episode 1: Woodland Wonderland
A Blonde and a Ginger were out on a walk in the woods....
Ginger: HOLA tushiki!!!!
Blonde: Hi nami
ginger: so what do you wana do today?
Blonde: go on a walk?
ginger: ok.... where 2?
blonde: how bout the woods?
blonde: ok
10 hours of walking later.......
ginger: Tushiki......?
blonde: yes Nami?
ginger: Do you ever get the feeling that your being watched?
blonde: sometimes..... why?
ginger: its just that.... well..... I fort that i saw sumet move, over there in those bushes
blonde: ooooooo mayb it was a ghost? or a pixie
ginger: I was thinking more along the lines of a chav gettin ready to jump out and rape us
blonde: id like to see a chav try and rape me, id kick his ass!!!!!
ginger: lol you probably would!!! ooo thatd be soooo funny to watch, a chav finkin hes well hard and then you goin over and kikin his ass!!!! classic!!!!
blonde: id be more scared of the tree the chav was hidin behind than him!!!! lol
ginger: hehehe yeh, like that tree up ahead, pret
:iconsammy-spaniard:sammy-spaniard 1 8

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Heartless Wind - Chapter 01
Chapter 1 – Drunk
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Sam Porter
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Manchester, England
Favourite genre of music: im strange this way coz i like abit of evrythin! ranging from chavvy to emo!! lol im just unique :p
MP3 player of choice: ipod thankyou very much! :p
Skin of choice: my own??? :s lol
Favourite cartoon character: all of the simpsons n stewie from family guy!! wooo
Personal Quote: probably something gullable :p
  • Reading: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince... again!!
  • Watching: Jurasic Park
  • Eating: fortune cooooookies!! :D
  • Drinking: blackcurrent and apple juice
HELLLLLLLO you deviants ;-)
okies! for those of you who know me, or those of you who may have read my last journal, ive recently been in a funk due to an unforseen and emotional situation that sorta left me with no desire to do particulary anything let alone create legendary literature. But after many many nights of drunken antics, plenty of parties, friendly advise, consolation and much hugging! i am finally in a place were i can say that im content... not truely happy but content and thats good enough for me atm :-)
SO!! first of all id like to say a biiiiig thank you to all my amazing friends who have been there to make me laugh and have been there when ive needed to cry, i really couldnt be here wihtout you :D
And now onto future develops as indeed as i noted in the title, the future is indeed bright :-) altho i may have exagerated the ginger part :p lol
My first piece that i shall be spreading joy with is a poem... well more like a tribute to a very dear man to my heart and various other places on my body ;-) which was inspired by a rather giggly afternoon with two of my amazing friends and co-conspirators! so keep your eyes peeled for that one!
My second piece is probably going to take alot longer to manefest but its an ongoing project of mine that im breeding atm :p Its a story about a band of witches and wizards called The Travellers who have their own special brand of magic, and travel all over to different countries to share their way of life with other witches and wizards in the festival of The Travelling Bizarre. It is set in 2012 and the travellers have returned to England under the guise of the London Olympics as it is the 400year aniversary of the start of The Travelling Bizarre, and the legend that launched their continuous journey... The Legend of the Serenwitches, the "fur-raising" fiends ;-)only a slight hint there lol dont want to give too much away. Im really excited about this story and im workin on puttin it together as we speak but i wont probably have it ready for a while yet because theres stil some plot issues i need to iron out first, but it promises to be MAGICAL! ;-)
riteo i think thats all for now so i shall love you and leave you :D x


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Hello fellow Maggie O'Dell fan :D It's so great to see more people who read the Maggie O'Dell series. Alex Kava is amazing ♥

I have done some fanart of the series, if you art interested in looking:

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oh wow hi!!! :D i absolutly LOVE maggie O'Dell! shes a real inspiration and Alex Kava is one of my favourite authors! :D
sure id LOVE to take a look :-)
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Heyy :D
Maggie O'Dell is one of the best characters ever. Same!! Alex Kava is AMAZING~!! I love her work and she is a huge insparation to me. Thank you :hug:
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